OMG!! I forgot my Skarsanniversary!

13 Apr

It’s April 13th! Two years to the day that I was diagnosed with Skarsgard Syndrome. While there is no cure, I have been trying to make the best of this ailment. If it wasn’t for Miss Belish this morning reminding me, I would have completely forgotten about. Last year, we did 13 Days of Skarsgard. This year, I cannot do the same. Too much craziness going on in my life. Unfortunately, none of it involves a proper boyfriend. Still, I need to mark the day.

So, I give you 13 of my favourite Alexander scenes (of the ones I could find off Youtube in 1 hour of searching):

1. Zoolander: Earth to Meekus:

2. Generation Kill: Sperm of A Passing Truck Driver

3. Generation Kill: Ninja

4. Cuppen: Autozoom!

5. Cuppen: You think Swedes are stupid!

6.  Iron Angels: The Steel Expert

7. True Blood: How Eric got blood in his hair

8. True Blood: Centuries of faith andlove come to an end

9. Never Be Mine: Birthday Kiss

10. Kill Your Darlings: Shaving Cream and Gasoline

11. True Blood – Eric-Mae

12.  Hundtricket: “Robinson Micke”

13. Paparazzi: Rockin’ the eyepatch


2 Responses to “OMG!! I forgot my Skarsanniversary!”

  1. missberlish April 25, 2011 at 6:07 pm #

    These are great! Happy Belated Skarsanniversary! *smoochies*

    • Nibby April 25, 2011 at 9:22 pm #

      Thanks! Same to you. Still 2 months to go. 😦

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