I’m just being honest: Supernatural, we don’t need another season

23 May

We don’t need another hero

We don’t need to know the way home

All we want is life beyond

The Thunderdome

Sorry, that song has been stuck in my head for three days, along with R.E.M. “It’s the End of the World as We Know It”. I just needed to get that out of my head. Typing it out helps, I think.

Seriously, it's time to pack it in guys

Anyway, back on subject. Do we really need another season of Supernatural? It’s pretty clear how I feel about this past season of Supernatural. Think BIG DONKEY BALLS. With Crowley and Castiel’s late season shenanigans, I can tell you that my feelings have not changed. I certainly didn’t find the total character assassination and retconing of Castiel’s story interesting much less intriguing. It seemed like a lame attempt at the 11th hour to address some of the season-long problems. It would have been more compelling if along the way the writers decided to give us some insight into Castiel’s transformation and descent into Big Bad Territory. Instead, they’ve jammed the entire thing into the last 5 episodes in such a way that it taxes the regular viewers’ willing suspension of disbelief.

So, guess what? I’m done. Really done. I decided to watch till the end of this season, figuring that this crap was on its last legs. However, Supernatural is the CW’s new Smallville/One Tree Hill. Since it finally put it’s original crapfests out of their misery, the CW needs a new show that’s harder to die than John McClane. Fans of Supernatural should just do themselves a favour and assume that the series ended with the Season 4 finale and then the apocalypse happened. The End. The rest is really not worth it.


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