Faux News: Woman admits that her mother was right, cat vomits due to shock

7 Jul

Last Sunday night, police officers were called to the residence of Nibrya Reid of Timmins, Ontario. Officers were responding to a disturbance in the kitchen of the Reid family residence. Neighbours complained that they could hear a woman “whooping” loudly in victory for a solid hour. It was later determined that the lady in question was Nibrya’s mother, 60-year-old Clarice. Clarice explained to the officers that her daughter had just admitted to “really liking” The Good Wife and agreeing with her mother on the hotness of Josh Charles, who plays lawyer Will Gardner on the CBS drama.

Mrs. Clarice Reid was given a stern warning, but not before she asked the police officers if they could take a photo of her wearing cuffs while lying on the hood of the police cruiser. The officers obliged, to the embarrassment of Nibrya and her cat Burton, who vomited in Clarice’s house slippers in response. The incident has been the talk of the entire town and has been the most exciting thing to happen in Timmins since Peter Grant told the union workers at his mine to “go fuck” themselves.

Josh Charles


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