Faux News: “If it ain’t broke, we’ll fix it!” says Dyson

12 Jul

Dyson, the company that brought us the forever-sucking vacuum and the air-multiplying bladeless fan has announced that it is investing another $450 million in research and development into improving appliances that either work pretty well already or people couldn’t give two shits about. Dyson’s business strategy over the past few years has been to produce cutting-edge high-end versions of standard household appliances and market them to individuals who become frustrated and aggravated at the tiniest of inconveniences. Apparently, this market is considerably large. However, Dyson is not immune to economic downturns and with high unemployment and the number of discouraged workers rising, Dyson has to find new ways to show its target demographic just how annoying average appliances can be. In Dyson’s corner is the fact that their appliances are energy efficient and produce a smaller carbon footprint. What is left to be seen is whether this will matter to consumers in difficult economic times.

Would you pay $400 for a fan?


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