I’m just being honest: Dr. Skarsgard, I presume?

20 Jul

Seriously, I need a doctor ... THIS DOCTOR!

Photo Source: SkarsgardNews.com

I feel like a total bitch today. You know how I adore Alexander Skarsgard, right? Just click on the Skarsgard tag on the bottom of the page if you don’t believe me. Well, he attended Leeds University for a short while and now the school has granted him an honorary doctorate and he gets to walk around being called “Dr. Skarsgard”.  My first reaction wasn’t “Oh that’s so sweet!” or “Good for him!” or “WHEEEEEEEEEE!”; it was “Fuck! I worked my ass off to get a doctorate and this guy just gets one for being a decent actor on a successful TV show.” It’s not like he’s 80 now and at the end of a successful career. He’s my age. So um … yeah, I wasn’t thrilled at first. After listening to his speech and how humble he is about it, I feel a bit like an asshole for being upset, but I was so cheesed off because it’s like Justin Bieber getting a doctorate. WTF has he done really? He’s very philanthropic, intelligent and stuff, but it’s not like he’s Bono. And it’s not like he’s lived 900 years and has a T.A.R.D.I.S. Anyway, here’s the footage. He does look super-cute in the cap and gown and is adding to my Professor Skarsgard fantasies by leaps and bounds …  Maybe it’s PMS. Congratulations are in order for sure and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, but … Dr. Skarsgard?


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