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Rice Bran: Exfoliator, Cleanser, Wrinkle Fighter and More

30 Jun

As you all know, I am obsessed with makeup and skin care. Recently, I’ve been very interested in how the Japanese take care of their skin. I know in a previous post I wrote about how sake is good for the skin, and now I have another Japanese beauty secret to share with you:

Rice bran!

Yes, rice bran. It’s perfect for those of us who are on a budget. I got pure rice bran at Whole Foods for $4. The brand I got said it could be a cereal as well, but…I wouldn’t recommend it. It has 19g of fiber per 1/2 cup, so if you do try and eat a bowl, don’t plan on going anywhere! 😉

So how do you use the rice bran? Simple. Take your favorite cleanser, and place a small amount into a small bowl or cup. Take some of the rice bran (I recommend just putting enough rice bran to cover the cleanser) and mix it with your cleanser. You want to be able to massage this into your face, so don’t use too much rice bran or you won’t be able to spread it. After mixing, put it on your face and massage gently for a few moments. Then rinse. And voila! You’re done.

So what are the benefits to using rice bran? When using it in your cleanser it is not only moisturizing the skin, but exfoliating, preventing wrinkles, fights blemishes, and helps to make your skin flawless. So really, at $4 for a box, what have you got to lose? Not much!

Here’s the rice bran that I used.

If you do add rice bran to your beauty regiment, please let me know! I’d love to hear what you think of it, good or bad.  🙂

Sake-it to me!

6 Jun

I got the sake Sunday, and lemme tell you, this shit works! It was 15 dollars, and the brand was Ty Ku Junmai Ginjo Sake! The reason why I chose to put sake on my face was because of Michelle Phan, a makeup artist on YouTube. She said it was an amazing toner, but I wanted to do research to make sure this would work.

Apparently, this is one of the geisha’s beauty secrets. They loved sake so much they *bathed* in it. Apparently it can help get rid of age spots, dry patches, give more moisture to the skin, help with acne…the benefits are unbelievable. I’ve been fascinated with the Japanese because they age so beautifully. While genetics may play a part, I’m positive they’re more knowledgeable about the skin than we are. So I decided to give sake a try and see if it was worth the hype.

The sake (well, good sake) is a very pure product. Basically, there’s no shit in it. No preservatives, nothing. The liquid is clear, and it smells bad, but it works awesomely on your face. I’ll take a better picture tomorrow since there will be better lighting but…the results were amazing. Absolutely amazing. My forehead is SMOOTH. It has NEVER been smooth. It’s always been flaky and irritated. Some days it wasn’t as noticeable, but it was *always* there. Patches are GONE. The girls at Sephora even noticed my improvement (usually they have to be careful when applying foundation to my face because of the flakiness). They couldn’t find any dry patches! HA!

Also, another thing I’ve been using to help with the acne (my acne’s still there, and it will take some time to get rid of them. Remember, these products are not magical! Awesome, but not magical, LOL). I’ve been using an aspirin mask, twice a week (don’t do it any more than that).

Take about three pills of aspirin, uncoated, and place them on a small plate. Take a teaspoon of water and let the water dissolve into them for a few moments, then place a teaspoon of honey onto it. Break it all up with your fingers until it forms into a paste, then put it on your face like a mask, and leave it on for fifteen minutes. I’ve been told the aspirin mask can help with eczema, acne, roseacea, keloid skin, etc. It has definitely helped my eczema and helped the flakiness. So these two products are a godsend.

The swelling of the acne has gone down, and I have less bumps. And the forehead! SMOOTH!! And I’ve only been doing this since Sunday! I can’t wait to see what my face will look like in a month!! 😀

So basically, you need these two things IN YOUR LIFE!! THEY ARE AMAZING.

Nibby: KELOID SKIN? For reals? I am going to try it on my surgery scar.

swampmusic: I just used the sake, and damn but it smells. I also almost dropped the bottle whilst trying to kill a bug.


If you have single friends, please read this

30 Apr

Normally I find the advice columns on Yahoo! absolutely banal and useless. In the end, I always wish for the 30 seconds to 5 minutes back. Today, I was surprised to find some truth and relevance in Erin Meanley’s “19 Things You Should Never Say to a Single Person“. Perhaps it felt true because the 19 things were gathered from Twitter. I like it so much, I want to print it out and put in the mailboxes of all of my married friends. ALL OF THEM. As much as I love them and respect them, they are all guilty of uttering these cliches at one time or another.

My Mother, who I absolutely adore, is guilty of saying “You’ll find him when you’re not looking,” at least once every few weeks and twice on my birthday. She’s been saying it since I was 21 years old and then a first-time bridesmaid. I need her to stop with that B S now. In fact, if I’m ever so lucky to have a daughter, I will never tell her this. NEVER, as God is my witness. When I first heard it, it was comforting and I sorta believed it. Later on, I began to believe that my search efforts were actually sabotaging my chances and my perceived lack of patience was to blame. In other words, because I kept looking, I was not deserving. I am so over that shit. Now 10+ years later, when I hear those words from her lips, I want to throw furniture against the walls and eat nails.

My dear married friend, Krissy, is guilty of saying “I live vicariously through you and your exciting single life.” Yeah, thanks. I’m glad my lack of a successful coupling is entertaining to you. I should merrily go on a billion nerve-racking first dates just so you can have the simple joys of helping me pick out my outfit, going over strategies to get that second date or how to extricate myself from a loser, and consoling me when it inevitably goes south. I realize that it’s important that it goes south, otherwise there would be nothing to bitch about. I understand that the comment has good intentions, but it’s condescending as all Hell and you know what they say about the pathway to Hell.

My least favorite comments occur at weddings. It’s gotten to the point where I dread weddings.  I have at least 1 to attend this summer. It’s like I have to justify my lifestyle while at the same time frown upon it. It always begins with “Why are you still single?” or “Don’t you want to be married?” I haven’t gotten to the point of running out of the banquet hall in tears yet, but who knows what will happen this wedding season. So, I am begging all of you married/long-term relationship people, if you happen to be at a wedding this year and you’re chatting with a single friend, PLEASE don’t do this. Don’t make an already intolerably awkward situation for a single person into a waking nightmare. Also, if you see a single person being needlessly harassed in this way, it is your duty as a charitable human being to interrupt and rescue that individual.

By the way, TLC, I fucking hate you with your “Say Yes to the Dress” and “Wedding Fridays”. It’s completely and utterly insensitive.

The Fart Test Redux

31 Mar

Thanks to @djmom70 for pointing out a not so small problem with the fart test. While it is important to be comfortable around your significant other, there is such a thing as being too comfortable. I would hate to be in a relationship where conversations are interrupted with “Did you just …?” and arguments are won by sheer blast power. I would like to think my mate would be comfortable farting in front of me but would also respect my olfactory senses enough to exercise restraint.

"Did he just ..."

These things are essential in any relationship. A man who will fart in your presence and not own up to it is a coward. A man who will fart in your presence and not apologize is an asshole. That’s when you know he’s taking you for granted.

The Fart Test

31 Mar

Compatibility is key to a successful coupling. After a first date, my friends and I like to do a post-mortem and analyze it to death. I always get asked if we had chemistry, if I found him attractive, if  I could  see myself lying next to him every night for the rest of my life, if I liked the way he smelled, did we laugh a lot and was it relaxed laughter or nervous laughter. For me, one of the most important things is that I am able to be myself with my significant other. That’s where the fart test comes in. I can never be with someone if I cannot imagine myself at some point in the future being able to comfortably break wind in front of them. This is essential.

Oh, well.