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New year, new love … er, I mean new lust

13 Jan

So it came to past that as the year 2011 expired and the year 2012 began, I found myself spared of thoughts of Alexander Skarsgard. Overnight, my daydreams had a new master – not blonde, not Swedish, not a vampire, not a werewolf, not a wizard, not a fairy, not a ghost, not a demon, nor a hunter of any of these supernatural things. My lust has a new Sheriff, and he is a cowboy. He makes more sense as an object of my affection and makes madness out of the last three years. Seriously, what the fuck was I thinking? I am just grateful to my friends for their forbearance and understanding over Alexander. I am sane again. The King is dead. Long live the King.

Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens in Justified on FX


Amnesia or Castration: What did that *itch do to Eric?

25 Jul

Sleeveless hoodies are pointless ... like Tara

We’ve had 3 full episodes of Amnesiac Eric and I have to say that so far I am not happy with the direction (nor the wardrobe: sleeveless hoodies are so dumb). I have no problem with the acting, as I think Skarsgard is doing a great job with what he’s being asked to do. However, whose bright idea was it to equate memory loss with a return to pre-adolescence? The low point for me was Eric saying “I had a bad dream,” after startling Sookie in the middle of the night and then crying and begging to be comforted. Really? Are we supposed to believe that Sookie is now falling in love with a six-year-old? Because, ew!! Why would any grown woman find that attractive as opposed to the confident, cocky, sexy, intelligent and exciting Sheriff of Area 5? Seriously, Sook, this is not an improvement. I repeat, this is not an improvement.

I’m just not convinced of Sookie’s sudden change of heart. Then again, she is acting like someone on the rebound. If the argument is that Eric is a rebound after Sookie’s break up with Bill, I could totally believe that. After you’ve had your heart ripped out by that lying and conniving Bill Compton, you too would want to find comfort in a seemingly innocent and childlike new love interest. Still, it’s ERIC F**KING NORTHMAN!! And he’s crying on your lap. Then again, this is what Sookie found attractive after Godric’s death. Or was that Eric’s blood in her? My head hurts.

One thing for sure, Sookie is a nurturer. She likes taking care of other people and now she has baby Eric to breast feed. This is a slight deviation from the books. Sookie is indeed nurturing and caring in the books, but when Eric loses his memories, he’s still grown up with his balls intact. He doesn’t need to be tucked in before bed and to cuddle after a bad dream. I must be one of the few people who is happy that Bill will be breaking up this whole Mommy and baby scene next week. How could Alan Ball and his writers take the most anticipated storyline of the Sookieverse and make it so wrong and unappealing to me?

I think I need a cuddle.

I’m just being honest: Dr. Skarsgard, I presume?

20 Jul

Seriously, I need a doctor ... THIS DOCTOR!

Photo Source: SkarsgardNews.com

I feel like a total bitch today. You know how I adore Alexander Skarsgard, right? Just click on the Skarsgard tag on the bottom of the page if you don’t believe me. Well, he attended Leeds University for a short while and now the school has granted him an honorary doctorate and he gets to walk around being called “Dr. Skarsgard”.  My first reaction wasn’t “Oh that’s so sweet!” or “Good for him!” or “WHEEEEEEEEEE!”; it was “Fuck! I worked my ass off to get a doctorate and this guy just gets one for being a decent actor on a successful TV show.” It’s not like he’s 80 now and at the end of a successful career. He’s my age. So um … yeah, I wasn’t thrilled at first. After listening to his speech and how humble he is about it, I feel a bit like an asshole for being upset, but I was so cheesed off because it’s like Justin Bieber getting a doctorate. WTF has he done really? He’s very philanthropic, intelligent and stuff, but it’s not like he’s Bono. And it’s not like he’s lived 900 years and has a T.A.R.D.I.S. Anyway, here’s the footage. He does look super-cute in the cap and gown and is adding to my Professor Skarsgard fantasies by leaps and bounds …  Maybe it’s PMS. Congratulations are in order for sure and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, but … Dr. Skarsgard?

I’m just being honest: Hemsworth beats Skarsgard in Hip-off

11 May

You all know how I feel about Alexander Skarsgard. In fact, you all know that I’m in therapy because of how I feel about Alexander Skarsgard. However, after watching Thor this weekend, even I have to admit when someone has him beat. I am not going to compare acting talent, film choices, star potential or hot younger brothers. I would like to bring your attention to the hippy-dips, or more technically, the hip flexors.

Alexander’s hippy-dips are my 2nd favorite things about him. However, Chris Hemsworth has superior hippy-dips. I would have to say that this was a contributing factor for me being able to accept Chris as Thor. As Ayn said, when Hemsworth was shirtless on the screen “Men felt inferior, women came.”

Hips of Thunder


OMG!! I forgot my Skarsanniversary!

13 Apr

It’s April 13th! Two years to the day that I was diagnosed with Skarsgard Syndrome. While there is no cure, I have been trying to make the best of this ailment. If it wasn’t for Miss Belish this morning reminding me, I would have completely forgotten about. Last year, we did 13 Days of Skarsgard. This year, I cannot do the same. Too much craziness going on in my life. Unfortunately, none of it involves a proper boyfriend. Still, I need to mark the day.

So, I give you 13 of my favourite Alexander scenes (of the ones I could find off Youtube in 1 hour of searching):

1. Zoolander: Earth to Meekus:

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