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Product Reviews: Revlon Fail

18 May

Remember I, RetroVixen, told you guys ColorStay by Revlon was awesome? The coverage is great, but I broke out from it. At first I thought it was maybe something in my diet since I have eczema, and diet plays a large part when it comes to breakouts. Also, Revlon’s makeup has NEVER made me breakout. Ever. In fact, a lot of eczema users use Revlon. But no, turns out it’s the foundation. They added some new ingredients to this ColorStay foundation and man, did it break me out bad. I’m so sorry I recommended it to you guys! *sigh* I refused to believe it was the foundation because so many people with sensitive skin love this product! I am now without a great foundation. 😦

I did some research and found another cosmetic line called “Cover FX”. It’s quite popular in the film and fashion industry (Angelina Jolie uses it to cover her tattoos). It’s a line specifically made to cover up skin conditions like rosacea and eczema, acne, and so much more. I am so impressed with it so far, here’s their product [page on Sephora] if you’re interested!

I’m going to Sephora next week to buy their liquid foundation. In a few weeks I’ll let you know if it lives up to its hype! It’s 40 dollars, but it’s so pigmented you only have to use a small, small amount. Reviews have said it can last you between 6 months to a year! O_O

I’m so disappointed Revlon didn’t work for me because that was really the only foundation that didn’t show my eczema…but I’m so happy to see that there is a foundation made specifically for what I have! HUZZAH!

Nibby: When you go to Sephora, let me know if they have it in very dark shades. Sometimes they just don’t make it dark enough for black women and we end up looking ashy. “Tawny” is often not dark enough.

RetroVixen: That has always irritated me whenever I’ve gone shopping for foundation. They have so many light/mediums, but so little beyond that! WTF?!

[Editor’s note: Cover FX appears to have a wider than normal range of shades, so we’ll keep you posted. ]