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New Boyfriend of the Moment: Captain Jack

2 May

No, not the pirate. The other Captain Jack … as in Captain Jack Harkness of Torchwood. When is Torchwood coming back on my TV? I miss him.

Not fair!

Boyfriends of the Moment (BotM): Sean Bean and James Purefoy

26 Feb

Neither of these men can measure up to Ewan MacGregor, but like Mama always said, never let a small penis get in the way of fantasy.

Sean "Liptstick Tube" Bean

Despite his shortcomings, Sean has managed to produce gorgeous offspring.

Ayn: Also, when do I get my free shag with Sean Bean and my Sean Bean baby before he dumps me for the next?!

James "More Than Adequate" Purefoy

There’s a reason he’s got a bigger photo than Sean.

swampmusic: Yes. He’ll do.

Ultimate Boyfriend of the Moment (UBotM)

7 Jan

Singlarity is now accepting nominations for the Ultimate Boyfriend of the Moment (UBotM)Remember that the average Boyfriend of the Moment (BotM), like Liev Schreiber, must satisfy certain criteria to be eligible. The UBotM must have these same qualities in spades.

The BotM must be well known and either:
a) Dead
b) Gay
c) Married to a healthy spouse who is unlikely to drop dead in the next 6 months
d) Too pretty that standing beside him would be utterly intolerable
e) Or all of the above.

Yes, we recognize that “all of the above” may be highly improbable but you never know when you’ll be graced by perfection. The central criteria here is the BotM’s unavailability. So if you know someone who satisfies two or more of these and is utterly, completely and unequivocally unavailable and would like them featured as the UBotM, please leave a comment with a link. Remember to include your nominee’s throwdown* score as well as how they match up with the above criteria.

The top nominees will be announced weekly with a grand champion declared on Valentines Day, 2010. Why Boyfriend of the Moment? Because a month, week, day or hour is just too long for our fickle hearts.

*The Throw Down Scale measures the time we imagine it would take for the BotM to rip your shirt off, unhook your bra and throw you down on the bed (ranging from 0 to 90 seconds, because some of my bras open at the front). As a point of comparison, at the beginning of his Bond days, Sean Connery would have rated a 5 (as in 5 seconds). Today, he would probably require the full 90, viagra notwithstanding.