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From us to you!!

25 Dec

For those of you still shopping, Vikings make great stocking stuffers.


Die Hard – The Ultimate Christmas Classic

21 Dec

It’s unanimous! The ladies of Singlarity have chosen Die Hard as the best Christmas movie EVER. Well, half of us actually. The other half has been silent due to … er … not being consulted or not caring, but I digress. A majority of the ladies of Singlarity have chosen this wonderful kickass movie as our favorite holiday viewing.

Okay, so there are no reindeer involved, but John McClane does wear a Santa hat and is so desperate to reunite with his family for the holidays that he’ll walk barefoot on glass and murder a German or two. Doesn’t that just warm the cockles of your heart? Still not convinced? Well, let us share with you the Top 5 Reasons Why Die Hard Rocks Our Stockings!

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Holiday Viewing

8 Dec

So every Christmas, my Mom would make my brother and I watch The Sound of Music. It wasn’t until I was 13 years old, that I was able to stay awake long enough to make it past the fairy-tale of Maria’s wedding to Captain Von Trapp, to see them scurrying through the Alps, running from the Nazis. It certainly changed the way I felt about that whole movie, and Rolf. Anyway, we’ll probably watch it again this year and I’m determined that if I ever have kids of my own, they too will be watching The Sound of Music on Christmas eve while trying to take their minds off the gifts under the tree.

So I asked the ladies of Singlarity and their men for their own Christmas TV viewing traditions. Some are strictly holiday classics, while some are non-Christmas-oriented films that just happen to air every holiday. The networks don’t care about ratings during this time because they figure everyone is out shopping or out at some party, so they tend to put out the warm, fuzzy and predictable, like The Sound of Music.

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A Singles Christmas

8 Dec

Being single over the holidays really doesn’t have to be this pathetic state to which people attribute the high suicide rates for this time of year. In fact, there are a few advantages to being unattached at Christmas. Mind you, it took some serious head-scratching to come up with these, but they are legitimate advantages.

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