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Farscape – The Complete Series

4 Oct
Claudia Black is a badass. Ben Browder is okay too.

Claudia Black is a badass. Ben Browder is okay too.

While I am ecstatic that the entire series of Farscape, season for season the best sci-fi series of all time (just ask Kanye West), will be out in a new DVD box set this November, I’m a bit upset. I spent over $400 collecting the four seasons individually, including season 1 which was out of print for so long. Currently, my collection of Farscape takes up two whole shelves in my DVD collection.  This new sleek box set looks like it will take up less than a quarter of that. Awesome, and yet upsetting.

Still, it doesn’t answer the biggest question on most scapers’ minds. It’s beer o’clock, where are my Farscape webisodes? I am hoping that the re-release of the series on DVD is just a way of building interest in the return of the series. So, I’m going to buy the new set and I hope other scapers will too. Huge DVD sales could translate into another series, or maybe a feature film, like Serenity.

From My DVD Collection: Coupling (UK Version)

19 Jun

Back when I lived in a tiny apartment in Austin, Texas, that provided me with free cable, I caught pneumonia and was stuck in my home for a period of 6 days. My illness coincided with the launch of BBC America (blessed channel of all channels) and their free preview weekend. Among the little gems that aired during the launch was Coupling. My opinion of situation comedies has never been the same since.

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Why those shitty Rom-Coms do so well

17 Jan

And why there will be more of them to come.

Ayn, swampmusic, RetroVixen and I have been lamenting the state of movies targeted to adult women – specifically the supercraptasticespialitrocious romantic comedies that Hollywood has been churning out in record numbers lately. It’s like Hollywood went out for dinner, got food-poisoning and has been sitting on the crapper for 48 months, crapping out little “unflushables”. Aside from the corset-busting period pieces, or something inspired by Jane Austen, we are bombarded with uber-contrived, poorly written and over-acted romantic comedies.

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