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Product Reviews: It smells strongly of Fruitloops

27 Feb

RetroVixen’s latest

There’s a product I use called CoQ10 Cleansing Milk by Avalon Organics. It’s a cleanser for normal to dry skin (they have one for oily skin too, but they call it a cleansing gel), and it’s also an excellent makeup remover. The reason why I bought this is because I got a book this past Christmas by Dr. Oz called “YOU: Being Beautiful“. It offers all kinds of advice for both physical and inner beauty. Of course being crazy about skincare I read his advice on what to use, and he suggested using products that have CoQ10. The site for the Avalon Organics products says that CoQ10 “is an essential antioxidant that is the energy source for new cells and smooth, firm skin. It is found in every living cell of your body and is an important factor in maintaining youthful, healthy skin.”

The cleanser is great, and I use it whenever I wear makeup. While some people have complained that it breaks them out, I’ve had no problems with it (and I’ve got super sensitive skin). If you guys want to try it, buy it from Whole Foods. Their return policy is amazing. You can return any skincare you buy from there, no questions asked! The cleanser is priced at $12.99, but a little goes a long way. This will last you a while! There’s only one downside to this cleanser, though. The smell can be a bit overwhelming. In my opinion, it smells strongly of Fruit Loops. Seriously! So if the smell of Fruit Loops bothers you, stay away from this. 😛

The other day I bought Illuminance Crème Shadow from Revlon. I’m pretty sure I got the Sea Shells set, but whatever set you get from this line….you will be disappointed. It promises not to crease, but it does. It promises to stay on, but….it’s only fairly successful. It won’t break your wallet though. Four shadows are in each set, and I got it at Target for $4.85. The colors are beautiful, but they’re EXTREMELY sheer. They say you can build up the color, but you can’t. So if you really want some sheer eyeshadows, this is the product for you. Just remember that it does crease!