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Remembering Dad Damon

28 Oct

Last week, we completely forgot about Matt Damon. My sincerest apologies. I have failed in my quest to remember Matt Damon at least once a week in the hopes that this “f&*#able but forgettable” actor would remain in my mind long enough to develop a legitimate celebrity crush. I will have to start over again. UGH!

This week, I remembered that Matt Damon is a father. This past weekend he was blessed with yet another daughter. Mr. Damon currently has three daughters and a cutie-pie of a step-daughter with his gorgeous wife.


Like most Dads this weekend, I imagine Mr. Damon is busy getting his house of munchkins ready for Halloween. Speaking of which, I need to buy more candy. Later!


Remembering Matt Damon

15 Oct

Matt’s face is so cartoonish to me sometimes. I am obviously not alone in my feelings.

Photo Source: JMBorot.Com

Remembering Matt Damon

7 Oct

On this day (of the week) we take the time to remember Matt Damon’s muscular physique, unfortunate prosthetic nose and dodgy South African accent in Invictus.

Nice pecks

Je me souviens Matt Damon

30 Sep

In case you forgot that Matt Damon played a straight man trying to infiltrate Jack’s gay men’s choir on Will and Grace.

Remembering Matt Damon

24 Sep

OMG! OMG! I almost forgot Matt Damon this week. I also almost forgot that I often wondered what he’d look like as a woman. Thank you to whomever took the time to answer my question.

Matilda Damon