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Songs for Valentine’s Day … sorta :-)

13 Feb

There’s all kinds of love out there. I’m dedicating this to my little cuddly-kitty, Baxter. He only loves me because I feed him and give him belly rubs, but as I was told recently by a friend, lots of guys operate in the same way. For many Valentine’s Day isn’t just about showing the people you love how deep that love is, it’s also about facing the truth about your feelings – good or bad.

For the recent inhabitants of Splitsville:

For those of us who really want to get even with our exes:

For the deeply miserable but stuck

For those of us separated by time or space from the ones we love:

For those of us who have moved on and are loving the freedom

For those of us about to take the big risk (don’t but if you must):

For those of us who are too in love with ourselves for a relationship:

Finally, for those of us filled with self-pity:

Song of the Day: Glitter in the Air – Pink at 2010 Grammy’s

12 Feb

Much has been made of this. Ayn thinks she must have been lipsynching, if not then … TOTAL BADASS.

OMG: People of Walmart!

14 Oct

I cannot describe this site for you, I can only show you.

I don't think this is what Joie had in mind.

I don't think this is what Joie had in mind.

People of Walmart