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Boyfriend of the Moment (BotM)

12 Feb

We are very fickle ladies. So, we can’t even call these two Boyfriend of the Day. By lunch time our attentions might be elsewhere. Like, whatever happened to Sam Worthington? I have no idea. Still, as of the past 30 seconds, when I started typing this blog, these two had our attention.

Ayn: Let's face it. He might actually be insane.

Not that we think mental illness is something funny, we’re not sure we could handle the craziness on a daily basis, but in small doses (like a moment or two), sure.

Ayn: I approve of this.

Unfortunately, so does Scarlett Johansson. Also, he’s Canadian – always a plus.

ZOMG!! Two more days, People!

23 Dec

In two days, Sherlock Holmes will open in wide release. Oh, yeah, and there’s  Christmas Day too. Whatever. That’s cool, too, I guess. No, really! SHERLOCKE HOLMES! IN. TWO. DAYS.


Sunday Conversations: When Fantasies Collide

13 Dec

In this edition, we reminisce about the singularity that occured on May 6th, 2008, when RetroVixen, swampmusic, Ayn Rant and Nibby discovered that they were all simultaneously crushing on the same celebrity. It is a very very rare occurrence. Even more rare is the fact that they all decided to share him, rather than battle to the death (as is the norm).

“By the way, Ayn, Liev Schreiber is still mine!” — Nibby.

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