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O Canada!

1 Jul

I just have one thing to say: Thank you, Canada.

Taylor Kitsch

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Gosling

Nathan Fillion

Joshua Jackson

Boyfriend of the Moment (BotM)

12 Feb

We are very fickle ladies. So, we can’t even call these two Boyfriend of the Day. By lunch time our attentions might be elsewhere. Like, whatever happened to Sam Worthington? I have no idea. Still, as of the past 30 seconds, when I started typing this blog, these two had our attention.

Ayn: Let's face it. He might actually be insane.

Not that we think mental illness is something funny, we’re not sure we could handle the craziness on a daily basis, but in small doses (like a moment or two), sure.

Ayn: I approve of this.

Unfortunately, so does Scarlett Johansson. Also, he’s Canadian – always a plus.

What exactly are you looking for?

9 Nov

So one of the wonderful things about WordPress is that it gives you all these statistics on visitors to your blog, as well as the links and search engine queries that bring them to your wonderful little neck of the internet. Most visitors come here because of that post on Farscape Webisodes, hoping like I am to finally get some news from Syfy about when we can expect to see new material. Imagine the disappointment when they realize that my post is just another whino’s lament. The latest news came out of this year’s Comic Con, in which it was announced that the webisodes were still in the pipeline. Well, frell me dead. In 40 years will I be sitting on my porch telling my grandchildren that there once was a dream called “Farscape Webisodes” and some day, after the meek inherit the Earth, the TV god who comes shall finally keep his promise?

The second largest group of visitors want to see Alexander Skarsgard drinking, shirtless, in his underwear or just naked, preferably with Stark Sands by his side. I’m right there with you. In third place, are visitors seeking “21 things to do when your 21″. To these lovely individuals I must add a 22nd item: learn the difference between “you’re” and “your” before your 22nd birthday or before you’re 22.

Some of the other visitors leave me absolutely baffled. Why would anyone want to search for gassy vegetarians? Are gassy vegetarians the new Old Spice Man? If so, I don’t see it, or smell it for that matter. Three people searched for their “own cleavage,” like it’s for sale. Oh, wait a minute … Wouldn’t “breast enhancement” be a much better search query?

Anyway, you will not be disappointed if you came looking for:

You will be sorely disappointed if you came looking for:

  • vintage conch shell people (WTF?)
  • an uneven tits gallery (Seriously, is this a fetish?)
  • vacuuming naked (That’s just asking for trouble)
  • sexually biting testicles (No comment)

I wish I were making this shit up because then I would be awesome but the truth is I am not that awesome.

So far no one besides Ayn has come seeking Vladimir Putin. This makes me very sad.


He can kill you with his deadly nipples.

June 2010 better come soon

10 Oct

The premiere of season 3 of True Blood better come soon or I might find myself cheating on Alexander Skarsgard. I know! I know! It is inconceivable!

The last thing I want is an angry Swede on my hands but ...

The last thing I want is an angry Swede on my hands but ...

Still in lust

2 Jul
How long shall he reign?

How long shall he reign?

I am now well into week 18 of my Alexander Skarsgård (pronounced Skarshgourd, apparently) lust with no ending in sight. Something must be done. I’ve got an appointment with my chiropractor for this afternoon. Maybe a good neck and back cracking and realignment of my spine will snap me out of this. If that doesn’t work, I’m supposed to see The Proposal with Ryan Reynolds in it this weekend. These days I am annoyed with Sandra Bullock but Ryan Reynolds is supposed to be cute and sexy in this, so it might be worth it. I have doubts though that Mr. Reynolds will be the cure I seek. Should this continue, my proficiency in Swedish may become quite alarming. How do you say “WTF” in Swedish? And seriously, WTF?

Real men aren't afraid to wear scarves.

Real men aren't afraid to wear scarves.