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CSI: Moscow – Episode 1

14 Nov

Forensics expert and “problem-solver” Vladimir Putin investigates the murder of an aspiring Russian rapper on the latest episode of CSI: Moscow. Yeah!

MC Sascha: So, what did you think of my performance?

Putin: Hmmm. [Removes sunglasses] Unfortunately, I’m not the only one who found your performance heart-stopping. Where were you between the hours of 11pm and 3am last night?



I would watch this

29 Oct

with subtitles.

CSI Putin

A ratings winner for sure!

Photo source: Punditkitchen.com

Y’all know how we feel about David Caruso and CSI: Miami.  CBS needs to make this happen.

Secret Lovers! Yeah! That’s what we are!

27 Sep

Actually Ayn Rant hasn’t been trying too hard to hide the way she feels about a certain child-belly-kissing Russian politician. For those of you who thought that Ayn was the most normal lady of Singlarity, this is your wake-up call.


Photo source: Icanhascheezburger.com