Product Review: Cover FX…sort of

14 Jun

So, I had intended to do a thorough review of Cover FX’s Total Coverage Cream Foundation and Mineral Foundation, but all along the way I had a saboteur waiting in the wings for the opportunity to pounce and destroy every chance at happiness I might have found with flawless-looking skin.

The nearest Sephora from my home is over 4 hours away, so while I was visiting my brother in Texas two weeks ago, I popped into the Sephora at the mall down there and loaded up on some long-needed make-up. I decided to try the Cover FX brand as it had been recommended to me by RetroVixen a few blogs ago (back when Revlong failed).

I tried it immediately as I got home. I looked amazing as it provided serious coverage for my dark spots and acne. I also didn’t feel greasy or weighed down as it went on light. My only complaint was that it didn’t last for more than four hours. I have very oily skin and even in the dead of winter my face gets shiny. The good thing is that I just needed to dab on a bit of the mineral powder to keep things cool for the rest of the day.

However, the true test of any foundation for me is what happens after a month of continuous use. Several mineral powder foundations (e.g. Cover Girl, Maybelline) that made me look amazing for hours caused major breakouts (from which I am still recovering) after about a month of daily usage. So, I had hoped to put the Cover FX Mineral Foundation to the longer-term test. What I hadn’t counted on was how tasty the mineral powder would be to my over-fed, obnoxious, self-centred, demonic, jerk-wad of a cat.

That little brat decided for the first time since I have had him to raid my make-up basket. He’d never been in there before. NEVER. He’d never even been remotely interested in my brushes, mascara, lip-liners, eyebrow brushed and pencils and other foundations. NEVER. EVER. For some reason all of that changed when I placed both Cover FX foundations in the basket. I can only surmise that he realized that they were somehow important to me because of the way I gently tucked them into the basket and smiled at them pleased as punch.

I turned my back for five minutes to get a drink from the refrigerator and check my mail box. When I returned to the bathroom to stare at myself in the mirror one more time (because I looked FABULOUS), I was shocked by the scene that greeted me. The mineral powder was all over the toilet seat and the poof that came with it was in shreds. The cream foundation was covered in tiny shards of broken mirror. I sat on the bathroom floor trying to sweep up some of the powder and put it back in the container, but it was contaminated. I tried to rescue the creme foundation by picking out the shards but it was no use. $85 worth of make-up gone.

I would have cried if this same little critter hadn’t just chewed the shit out of my Aldo Italian leather sandals earlier in the week. If I didn’t cry over that, I wasn’t going to cry now. Guess who is getting neutered next week?

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