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Superbowl Sunday Conversations: This is NOT Sports

7 Feb

Owwie! Who dat?

This is the first Sunday conversation of 2010. What does that tell you about our membership status with Procrastinators United? Anyway, this conversation has absolutely nothing to do with the Superbowl. Sorry, folks. Some of us don’t even know the names of the teams that are playing or which cities are represented. Some of us don’t care. We just know that everyone else seems to be very excited about it and we accept it in our humble yet sarcastic way. Well, this Sunday conversation is actually about Sean Bean and his lipstick tube. Yeah. Resisting Sean Bean, star of the Sharpe series and Lord of the Rings,  despite his notoriously small penis, can be dangerous for your health in more ways than you realize. Also, there is a crapload of really really really bad fan-fiction out there. We often complain that TV and movie writers don’t know how to write strong female characters. Well the worst writers of fictional female characters are  … 13 year-old girls!

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Sunday Conversations: Cleverbot, Furries and 2009

10 Jan

In this Sunday conversation, we discuss our interaction with the online artificial intelligence that is Cleverbot (soon to be known as Skynet), our mutual confusion over the whole Furries phenomenon, the hotness that is Sam Worthington and make a tenuous link between him and Hugh Jackman and the best and worst of 2009. Truthfully, we’re all kind of glad to see the back of 2009.

Retrovixen: So there’s this AI online that you can have a conversation with. He’s….not very bright. And he got very upset when I asked him if computers could really eat (he said he was eating a tortilla). And holy crap, this computer is bitchy! And he also flirted with me. Okay. swampmusic, your Darth Vader vagina got mentioned in this.

Ayn: I stopped when it told me it was a god.

swampmusic: I just got into a fight with it about whether robots eat, and it said “Don’t you dare mock me!”

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Sunday Conversations: When Fantasies Collide

13 Dec

In this edition, we reminisce about the singularity that occured on May 6th, 2008, when RetroVixen, swampmusic, Ayn Rant and Nibby discovered that they were all simultaneously crushing on the same celebrity. It is a very very rare occurrence. Even more rare is the fact that they all decided to share him, rather than battle to the death (as is the norm).

“By the way, Ayn, Liev Schreiber is still mine!” — Nibby.

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Sunday Conversations: Just Balls!

15 Nov

Here at Singlarity, swampmusic‘s monocle is a revered artifact that is used for important purposes. Just what are those purposes? In this week’s conversation we clarify the jurisdiction of the monocle, discuss the cult-like hysteria associated with the Snuggie and declare Nathan Fillion imperfect but f***able.


Just for balls

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Sunday Conversations: Bag-Lady Nails

1 Nov


"Get to da CHOPAAAA!"

Retrovixen: Did swampmusic tell you about the Ahnold movie we watched where he’s 9 months pregnant? We couldn’t speak to each other for a while afterwards, and swampmusic started to cry and couldn’t explain her emotions. It fucked us up that much. We’ve seen things, Nibby. Seen things no other human should see.

swampmusic: When Arnold was dressed like a woman, he looked like my aunt [name removed to protect unfortunate relative]…….

Ayn Rant: BTW, we saw Zombieland. HYSTERICAL. And, Junior is still a bad movie.

swampmusic: So I’m watching Defiance. and DAMN. Liev Schreiber is HAWT!! Even in Wolverine, with the bag-lady nails….omg I dunno what it is, I’d HIT that SHIT.


We'd still hit it

Ayn Rant: RIGHT?! Thank you. HAWT. It’s why Nibby & I fight over him. He’s … yeah. And his voice is amazing.

Nibby: Johnny Depp wears silk scarves.

swampmusic: …………….but Johnny rocks them in a manly manner.


Is that glitter on the collar?

Nibby: True. I wish I could say that Alex rocks this leather jacket in a manly manner but I’d be lying like Dick Cheney.

swampmusic: You don’t want to be lying like Dick. ….. heh.

Nibby: I met a man named Crotchford today. That is all.

Ayn Rant: Excellent news!

swampmusic: How do you feel about that? How did you react upon receiving this information?

Nibby: At first I thought I’d heard incorrectly. I couldn’t believe my ears. I said, “Pardon me. Did you say Croootch-ford?”

swampmusic: Omg you actually said that?! “Did you say Croootch-ford?”

Nibby: Yep. He looked blank. How could he not know?!!

Photo Source: SkarsgardNews.tk