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Lancome Foundations: Teint Idole Fresh Wear and Teint Idole Ultra

13 Aug

So a few months ago (2 maybe?), I once again purchased a foundation, thinking I was going to be continuing my search for another foundation within a few weeks. I didn’t have high hopes for it, but the results totally blew me away! I am talking about Lancome’s Teint Idole Ultra Foundation. They also have a new foundation for that line, Teint Idole Fresh Wear, which I originally tried first.

Teint Idole Fresh Wear is EXCELLENT if you prefer a light coverage foundation. It’s very lightweight, and if I did like light coverage foundations, this would be my one of my choices. It stays on for hours and hours and doesn’t budge, even in bad humidity. However, the tube is very small, and a little does not go a long way. If the $35 price doesn’t bother you, then give it a try and let me know what you think.

After trying Teint Idole Fresh Wear, I decided to try Teint Idole Ultra, because I heard it was an almost full coverage foundation (which is what I prefer). It doesn’t cover acne, but it truly is an amazing foundation. It makes your skin look luminous and beautiful. After applying the foundation, people kept telling me how great my skin looked, and how flawless! I was stunned. I have never received so many great compliments on my skin! Needless to say, this is a keeper.

The one thing that made me give it the side eye is when it said for all skin types. Now I have combination skin, so it’s always difficult finding something that will treat both skin types. However, when it said all skin types, they were true to their word! The foundation isn’t oily, but it’s not drying either. It’s an amazing foundation. So if you have oily skin, normal skin, combination or dry skin, you’ll have success with this.

Even though it is full coverage, it doesn’t feel like you’re applying a mask. And a little does go a long way for this foundation. So while you’re paying $42 for it, you don’t have to use much, so expect to get a lot of bang for your buck! And it stands up just as well to humidity as the Teint Idole Fresh Wear does, so if you live in really humid climates, you should give this foundation a try.

Will I try other foundations down the road? Possibly, but only because I get distracted by new products (it’s so hard to stay monogamous!). I have never purchased a foundation a second time before, but I definitely will for this. I cannot say anything bad about this product!

Product Review: Laura Mercier Fail!

11 Dec

Laura Mercier’s Silk Creme Foundation has sadly not won my love. It applied beautifully, my eczema wasn’t even noticeable (it even covered better than the foundation I had that was *made* for eczema!), but it made me ORANGE. So it’s going back. Next foundation to try: Shiseido’s The Makeup Lifting Foundation!


Good news, though. A product I bought called “Egyptian Magic” is working awesomely. In *two* days my face is glowing, my eczema is almost nonexistent, my skin is smooth, and the terrible bout of acne I’ve had is disappearing! This stuff truly is “magic”. It’s got 6 ingedients: olive oil, bees wax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, and bee propolis. With those kind of ingedients, I didn’t hesitate to use it on my face. And the things you can do with this stuff is amazing. Plastic surgeons recommend it to patients because of its ability to heal new cuts and scars (old scars not so much), it can help with bruises, burns, bug bites, rashes, eczema,  and psoriasis; it can be used as a lp balm, it can be used to style your hair and soothe your scalp. It’s an excellent makeup remover and you can even use it as a highlighter on your face! The uses are endless. It sounds too good to be true, but I’m a convert so far. I was on medication for my acne, and I used a bunch of different products and nothing worked. Not to mention my eczema has been on overload lately. The eczema is gone, and my pimples are diminishing.

And you only have to use a minute amount of product. This stuff can last you at least 6 months, so for 30 bucks it’s worth every dollar!

The End of an ERA: Max Factor Discontinued in the USA

19 Sep

This is so sad…Max Factor has been around FOREVER. 😦

I was going to go foundation hunting this weekend, and Max Factor was first on my list of things to try. Boo. 😦

I’m looking up reviews on cheap makeup (Revlon, Maybelline, Cover Girl, etc.). None of them seem combination-skin-friendly! @#$#@$^@! (Imagine a 30 second sound bite strewn with obscenities and references to tea-bagging) .

Oh and Maybelline sucks donkey balls. I know I’ve already said it, but I’ll say it again – what is up with the small amount of shades they have?! MEH.

Benefit has a concealer that looks amazing (I’ve been told you can just use that instead of foundation because it covers imperfections so well), but it’s 26 DOLLARS [As opposed to euros or conch shells? – editor’s note]. *sniff*

I’ve never used Max Factor foundation before, so I’m going to buy some tomorrow! 😀

I’m most likely going to buy their Pan-Stik foundation, and if they have it, their Pancake one. I really want the pancake one to be there, because in its heyday Judy Garland was their spokesperson for it! Which means it’s a vintage product! And you know I loves the vintage. But I heard it can be hard to find, so cross your fingers!

Update: Just found out Pan-Stik is vintage too! Below is an ad for Pancake from 1952.


By Next Year, We’ll ALL Be Glamorous!

17 Sep
Dita’s coming out with a beauty book AND perfume! I am getting them both. She’s also doing a music album as well, and her favorite foundation is True Match by L’Oreal. Hmm. I tried the concealer, but it was nothing to write home about. Perhaps the foundation is different? Now I’m dying to get it!

Speaking of foundation, I tried the new 24 hour one by Maybelline. I love how it doesn’t cake on the face (when it comes to that it’s even better than Revlon’s Colorstay), but damn, their choice of shades are TERRIBLE. The palest shade still makes me look orange. *sigh*

It's just not fair to look this good.

It's just not fair to look this good.

Product Reviews: Revlon Fail

18 May

Remember I, RetroVixen, told you guys ColorStay by Revlon was awesome? The coverage is great, but I broke out from it. At first I thought it was maybe something in my diet since I have eczema, and diet plays a large part when it comes to breakouts. Also, Revlon’s makeup has NEVER made me breakout. Ever. In fact, a lot of eczema users use Revlon. But no, turns out it’s the foundation. They added some new ingredients to this ColorStay foundation and man, did it break me out bad. I’m so sorry I recommended it to you guys! *sigh* I refused to believe it was the foundation because so many people with sensitive skin love this product! I am now without a great foundation. 😦

I did some research and found another cosmetic line called “Cover FX”. It’s quite popular in the film and fashion industry (Angelina Jolie uses it to cover her tattoos). It’s a line specifically made to cover up skin conditions like rosacea and eczema, acne, and so much more. I am so impressed with it so far, here’s their product [page on Sephora] if you’re interested!

I’m going to Sephora next week to buy their liquid foundation. In a few weeks I’ll let you know if it lives up to its hype! It’s 40 dollars, but it’s so pigmented you only have to use a small, small amount. Reviews have said it can last you between 6 months to a year! O_O

I’m so disappointed Revlon didn’t work for me because that was really the only foundation that didn’t show my eczema…but I’m so happy to see that there is a foundation made specifically for what I have! HUZZAH!

Nibby: When you go to Sephora, let me know if they have it in very dark shades. Sometimes they just don’t make it dark enough for black women and we end up looking ashy. “Tawny” is often not dark enough.

RetroVixen: That has always irritated me whenever I’ve gone shopping for foundation. They have so many light/mediums, but so little beyond that! WTF?!

[Editor’s note: Cover FX appears to have a wider than normal range of shades, so we’ll keep you posted. ]