News of the Week: You’re Doing It Wrong

16 Jul

You know we’re not normal, so our reaction to the news that a man chased Clemson students with a chainsaw shouldn’t surprise you. Special thanks to the Strong Jaw of Justice for passing this story along. Honestly, it doesn’t take much to set our minds on Christian Bale.  He’s so fucking professional.

RetroVixen: Very American Psycho, but without the nudity and bright white sneakers.

swampmusic: I would have been shouting, “YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!”

Ayn Rant: “THIS IS AN AXE!”

Nibby: Why are you wearing a raincoat?

swampmusic: Do you have, like…..a little dog, or something?


RetroVixen: That movie is amazing. Simply amazing.

swampmusic: So much beauty is embodied within it.

Nibby: I’m exfoliating and moisturizing like Patrick Bateman.

swampmusic: You can’t go wrong with a routine like that.



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